Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Play Partners

The business will be called Play Partners. I think. I'm pretty sure. I also like Play Paths but there's a therapy place in California that specializes in autism called "PlayPath Therapy" so I decided not to go there.
Things are good.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hi, Dad!

Oh, I forgot that my dad and step-mother were here over this past weekend and it was great to see them!


OK, their mom's OTHER middle name starts with an H, so thats H I J K L, all nice and da vinci coded in a row. lol.
I am now in Charlotte, and pretty much settled (ie totally unpacked). I'm back with my old therapist, which I'm excited about. I did a lot of growing with her, and her style is a good mix of comfortable and challenge for me. I'm looking forward to more growing!
I'm doing weekly massages as well, rather than the acupuncture I was doing in Asheville. We'll see how that goes... better, worse, same, need to add acupuncture again...? I'm trying to be very conscious of my body. Sometimes its frustrating because I feel like my health is more delicate that most people's, what with the food sensitivities and getting sick/rundown a lot. Maybe I'm just more in touch with my body than most people? That would be nice. I get frustrated by comparisons. I try not to compare, but.... ah well. I do anyway.
What else... have had some offers to work with children, but I've decided to hold out for now. I am being really proactive about starting my own business, doing things in the ways that I really believe in. When working in programs I didn't help set up, or that aren't set up by Son-Rise (that's the methodology I trained in in Massachusetts), I find I am asked to do things that I'm just not totally comfortable with. For example, a mom wanted my goal to be to engage her son for every minute of the 4 hours I was with him. What?! A typical adult isn't engaged all of the time. We blank out for a few seconds, have a silence fall, think of other things... and in a child whose main issue seems to be an overwhelming need for timeouts from the world, I am just not comfortable trying to make him engage period, much less for 4 hours straight. I beleive that if an autistic child needs a break, great! Let him take care of himself by doing what he needs to to be as comfortable as possible. Anyway, let me get off that little soapbox there... ahem. For now I am holding out for a situation where I can believe 100% in what I am doing with and for a child.
I'm pleased with that idea, but I also have some fears about it being ok with other people that I'm passing up pay opportunities for what (for some) may seem some rather smallish principles. That's one of my new goals in therapy: working on being more comfortable being more authentic with other people that are a part of my life.
Meanwhile, I'm eating pretty well, walking (but not as much as I'd like), and gonna get reconnected to my Tai-Chi classes. The school I used to go to for it is a bit of a drive, but I love the atmosphere and philosophy there. It's worth it to me. Although, that's my other big therapy goal: I know what I need to do to feel good, so why am I unconsistent in doing it? How can I be more consistent? (Like, I know that dairy and sugar make me feel physically unwell as well as somewhat numb and lethargic emotionally. Yet I occasionally eat ice cream...)
No computer as yet, but soon, soon. I know I keep saying that.... I think I mean it this time, though.