Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Not business as in work, but business as in being busy. Gosh English is a confusing language sometimes.
Anyway, yeah, I'm busy. Spending weekends in Charlotte trying to get stuff down, celebrate some birthdays, eat some breakfasts. A week in Florida soon, as mentioned in an earlier post ("Vacation"). Working longer hours this week as it's spring break here and my client is out of school. Heading up the finishing phases of getting Mom's material stuff taken care of. Plus just the normal daily livingness of prayers and deepening, regular therapy and acupuncture appointments, laundry, cat litter cleaning (Aziza has started using the bathroom sink on occassion, so I need to get another litter box so they can each have their own. The vet thinks the most likely cause is that Aziza has gotten picky about sharing. Can't say I blame her.), going to the landromat... oh, taxes is kinda a fuss... I dunno. Even working part time I'm pretty overwhelmed right about now (funk soul brother... I can't hear [or apparently type] the phrase "right about now" without getting that song stuck in my head). Oh, and dance. And 100 pushups/200 situps (exercise programs I'm doing. See www.hundredpushups.com). And I'm trying to take a walk everyday. Its all stuff thats good for me and I enjoy. There's just a lot of it. Cooking. OK , anyway. That was my update for now, lol.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pissed (in American English, not British English)

As in I'm angry(the American definition of pissed), not as in I'm drunk (The British definition of pissed).
I opene up to someone and told a story about myself that was difficult... and the person didn't believe me! In fact, the person chose to end the relationship. I've never had this happen before, and I'm really angry.
That's... all I have to say about that I guess. Grr.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Snow Blossoms

My title sounds like a haiku should follow... but tough luck to all you haiku lovers.
It's snowing today (yes, your computer is right, I wrote this on April 7). Its not really sticking, but its still strange and slightly haunting to see trees in full bloom surrounded by swirling snowflakes. Apparently its not only weird, but bad for these trees. They get all bloomy and excited about spring, and then the freeze kills the blooms. But too bad trees, you only get one shot at blooming and leafing per year. So a lot of trees this coming year will have pretty low leaf counts, and the fruit harvests will be bad. The same is true for all plants unfortunate enough to be striving toward life when this late freeze came. Good thing I'm not a farmer (and sympathies to those around here who are).
I've realized that while I love my job, it can be better. The way my job is, I get to work with autistic kids. That's the thing I love to do, so its good. The not so good things are, I don't get much say in how and where and when I work with them. And I don't get to take part in planning their programs/plans/treatments. Its really hard for me to try to make a 4 year old sit still during group time at school when I don't believe she's even ready for school. Or to be in a position where there's nothing I can do to help a child with his aggression except try not to let him hurt me too badly. I am seriously considering the following plan: getting a part-time easy job (like an office drone kind of thing, where my emotions and brans won't be taxed much) and then sending a letter to the parents of autistic children I know in the area along with a DVD of a BBC documentary following the progress of a family who is using the Son-Rise program for their son. In the letter I will state that I am no longer with the Autism Society of North Carolina (if that's how they knew me; so there's no confusion about where I'm coming from, etc) and say that I am starting a private practice. I will say that I believe their child could benefit enormously and that I would love to work with them to set up a personalized program for their child. I will offer a free initial consultation. So yeah, that's what I'm getting very interested in doing. Eventually I would hope to use the office-drone kind of job as just a transition thing while I'm building the business (Hmm, it needs a name. Any ideas?), for maybe a year or so.
So that's my grandiose idea. And as you can tell from the word grandiose, I have doubts about my ability to do such a thing. Maybe the responsibility scares me; that families might be counting on me to work miracles when I know that the real miracles iof autism are more often in the day-to-day than the kinds that gets you on Oprah.
I'd love to hear what people think of this.